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During the early Fall of 1987, I rented an Eichler home although I didn’t know anything about the home’s designer history.  The home had an amazing amount of light, a cool open atrium in the center and floor to ceiling glass down both hallways that wrapped around. Four bedrooms, a fireplace in the living room with floor to ceiling glass on either side of it and a fenced yard in the back for my two dogs.  At the time I was driving a 1981 black Corvette with a glass T-top and parked it in the driveway just outside the front door.

Eichler atrium

One of the bedrooms had sliding glass doors onto this area and I put my bookcases, desk and used it as my home office.  It was lovely to have the screen door open to the courtyard and still have privacy.

Eichler home entry and atrium

It’s interesting how popular this design has become and how 1960’s the feel is.  Likely because of the 60’s television shows the past several years, such as “Mad Men”, “Pan Am”, “Playboy Club” and the most recent iteration of “Vegas”.

What is strange is I have never been a fan of modern art and architecture,  preferring natural woods over chrome and glass.  The incredible natural light this Eichler home and ones like it have was my favorite thing.  What’s interesting to me is that my next home was a cabin in the redwoods.  It doesn’t get much more different that that I suppose.  Hip 1960’s vibe to rough and rugged.  Got rid of the ‘vette and got a late 1960’s Toyota station wagon.


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