Aeronca Champ
* * *
Ever run out of gas in an airplane?
Well, I have – in a Cessna 152 when the engine quit on take-off.  The 1946 Aeronca Champ taildragger airplane I took most of my flight lessons in had been rented and flown to Phoenix for the weekend, so I rented what was left on the line – what we antique airplane purists jokingly referred to as a “spam can”.
A flight instructor and I had just taken off from Corona Airport back in 1982 when we were about 400 feet and the engine died. I’ll never forget how incredibly quiet it got when I couldn’t hear the engine and the propeller was winding down.
Thank goodness for a closed golf course…..
The Cessna was totalled but the instructor and I were okay. My face twitched for about four hours that afternoon. Even after going right back up in a Cessna 172 that afternoon – folks telling me if I didn’t fly again right away, I’d never fly again.
Here’s a story on Boeing I saw tonight:
Don’t want to run out of fuel across an ocean in a Dreamliner!
* * *
Aeronca Champ 1946

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