Simple things.


* * *

There is an old saying about the simple things bringing pleasure and I’m doing that for the holidays, especially x-mas this year.  Small tea candles to light, a bag of red and green candy kisses and two small toys for a beloved pet dog from Santa.

* * *

tealight in glass holder

* * *

Today during errands here and there, I wondered what to do for xmas dinner and an expeditious trip to Chik-fil-A on xmas eve came to mind rather than dealing with the crush of people at the grocery store this weekend. (and it actually felt like a potential option as crowds make me uneasy…)

Last year I was alone during the holidays and although a little nervous about it, found the peace and quiet to be incredibly wonderful.  The Friday before the Sunday holiday, I went to the grocery store, bought fresh salmon, fresh dill and some other items.  Baked salmon on xmas was unusual but an enjoyable meal that reminded me of when I lived in in California. And my Boxer dog most certainly loved the salmon bits I gave him.

This year I’ve been planning on working during the holiday and getting lots of things done. And not beating myself up if I don’t get it all accomplished.

Each night I will light a couple of those tea light candles in cut crystal glass holders (that I didn’t sell) and enjoy quiet evenings. Listen to music.  Sit out on the porch and watch the stars including Orion move across the night sky. Feel grateful for what I have (as well as what I don’t). Appreciate there are no family dramas, toxic arguments, resentments and all the rest of what those spending the holidays with family experience.  Spending xmas alone is not a bad thing at all. In fact, for some folks like me, it’s a tiny slice of heaven.


Driftwood Tea Light holder

* * *


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