Permanent Vacation.

South Fork Kings River

South Fork Kings River


* * *

Permanent Vacation: Twenty Writers on Work and Life in Our National Parks, May, 2011

Kim Wyatt, Editor; Erin Bechtol, Editor

“There is something more going on in “Permanent Vacation” than just a book of experiences. As other reviewers point out, the quality of the majority of essays is much higher than one would expect from an anthology. Beautiful, poetic literature with unique metaphors and deep introspection are the norm here but it is really not, in the way one might expect, a book about our national parks. The majority of writers are not rangers in the national parks but seasonal workers either on trails or in the concessions. It’s a different perspective than I expected and the views are predominantly inward….

The writers are mostly looking back to a time when they were young, carefree, and working in the parks. Unlike some ranger stories (e.g. Hey Ranger) they have retained an intense sense of awe towards the natural beauty in the parks and a respect for us tourists.” – Brad Allen

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