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There were two managers I once worked for who I remember and think of with considerable admiration and respect. One of them once gave me a work reference that at the time didn’t make sense to me at all. He gave the reference to a gentleman who tried to get me to come and work for him at a few different companies over the years. I never did go to work for this person despite the hard-selling on his part.  In the past, I always thought it was because I did not want to live in Florida. (who wants to live in a place where the humidity is like breathing liquid Jello”?)

It was 1983 and I was twenty-eight years old. And I felt very confused at the what the recommendation meant, “she is a pure thoroughbred and you need to know how to handle a thoroughbred…”

I understand today how that job recommendation so accurately hits the mark in describing me. And I am grateful to have known and worked with that kind, thoughtful manager so long ago. Thanks so much, Bob!

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