* * *

Grandma Kay was always so incredibly kind to me. More so than any member of my own family. She was like an older angel who took a keen interest in members of her family. She was actually my ex’s step-grandmother although I had never heard of that before I moved to southern California.

Kay was 70 years old and lived in Kernville, which was tucked into the base of the Sierra Nevada mountains. She was born in a tiny town called Randsburg, near Ridgecrest, CA. Kay used to tell me that her father’s grocery store didn’t fall down there on the main street of Randsburg; it just got tired and lay down.

* *

Randsburg 1

* * *

Grandma Kay was an artist and painted pretty landscapes of the many nature places in California. Kernville has quite a few art galleries as well as antique shops I used to explore. A landscape Kay painted a few times was Lake Isabella which was near Kernville. My ex and I flew into the tiny airport at the edge of Lake Isabella a few times.

* * *

Kernville 2

* * *

There was one long weekend when my sister and her husband flew out to California to visit from PA, and the four of us drove up to see Grandma Kay. We drove all around the area and stopped several times to explore. Took lots of photographs including several of a ranch with mules that were friendly.

* * *

Lake Isabella

* * *

Grandma Kay had a big porch with several hummingbird feeders and many plants. Her home was always so welcoming and comfortable. It always made me feel a little sad to leave after spending a weekend visiting. Grandma Kay’s kindness was always so appreciated and I miss her.

* * *


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