Disco Doobies.

No, not that kind of doobie…..although it might be nice to live in states where it’s okay to do so….if only to live around more laid-back type people than here on the East coast.  Oh well, moving west this year so the end is in sight.

* * *

* *

I once had this record, a long-play record and it was such a great song to dance to.

I just saw Kenny Loggins perform with I guess is his band, Blue Sky
Riders on Jay Leno tonight. Earlier, Dustin Hoffman was on and I was
really surprised that he said he was 75. Geez.

And when did Kenny cut his always-long hippie type hair? It was short tonight.

Anyway, I looked up the band:

Join Kenny Loggins, Three Dog Night, Don Felder and more … for an
amazing, seven-day Caribbean cruise, November 9-16, 2013!


However, if Kenny and Three Dog Night are doing cruises, maybe that
says something about us Boomers, eh?

I’ll take Kenny’s oldies:

* * *

* * *

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