Grand Canyon hike

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“As we embrace the lessons of the fourth path, we are required to see where we have sabotaged ourselves.  We can become so caught up in our growth processes that we forget that others may not be coming from the same level of integrity. We can experience many disappointments when we project our level of understanding and healing onto others who may not be healed at all.

When we are in states of joy, we often see others’ potential rather than where they truly are in their present stage of development. This lack of discernment occurs when we are not paying attention, and it can bring some interesting and sometimes painful lessons.” – Jamie Sams

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“As we hone these abilities of discernment and learn where we have created blind spots, we are often shocked into realizations that alter our perceptions of reality. In the face of heartache, it is far too easy to discard the former breakthroughs where forgiveness allowed us regain our balance.  Coyote tests us time and again on our willingness to re-enter the flow of life, wiser and still coming from our hearts.  Patient observation of the authentic behavior of others, before we rush into situations that we do not fully see, is a precise skill.

We are asked to respect our Sacred Spaces, to have appropriate bounderies and be willing to let others be who and what they are at any given time, observing and responding appropriately. This skill requires that we be fully present in all situations at all times, unless we want to blunder into a Coyote lesson, which can appear as a painful reminder of our lack of balance and personal impeccability.” – Jamie Sams

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Grand Canyon 1

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“The fourth path also presents us with the lessons that teach us not to give away our sense of well-being or healthy self-esteem.  We are required at all times to honor ourselves and the healing we have accomplished.  It is very easy to lose ourselves in a relationship, whether it is an intimate relationship, a friendship or a teacher-student relationship.  Some people give all that they have and are to their families, spouses, partners, lovers or humanity in general.  There must be a balance, and Coyote comes calling when we have dishonored ourselves.

In a relationship we we are losing ourselves through constantly acquiesing to the needs of the other and denying our own needs, our self-worth and self-esteem are at risk….All relationships require that we be in alignment with ourselves…” – Jamie Sams


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