“How do I know if something I’m praying for is in my best interests?…..A rule of thumb is to assume that your inspirations are coming from right intuition, and act with authority. Once in awhile you will find that you have made a mistake, but in the long run you will be way ahead of where you would be if you assume that your intuitions are guided by ego and do nothing….

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road-east-highland-lake NV

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“The real answer to the question is to understand that what you are seeking is not really conditions, but consciousness.  You may be praying for a new BMW but what you really want is to know that you are an abundant being living in a wealthy universe.  You may be seeking a soulmate, but behind your search is the quest to know that you are lovable and cherishable. …..You can get the conditions but if you do not have the consciousness, you will be ever seeking and striving for more conditions.  If you have the consciousness however, the conditions will manifest automatically and even if they do not, you will be secure in your wholeness.  If you aren’t sure if what you are praying for is correct, complete your prayer with “this or better”. Tell God (remind yourself) you are doing the best you can with what you know, and if there is something more wonderful available, you are willing to give up your current idea for the bigger picture.” – Alan Cohen

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