It’s not an original story – that of dreaming of winning a lottery or some other unexpected windfall.  But I read something the other day that caught my attention and it wasn’t the first time I read the question either.

The question was, “If you could live anyplace, if money was no object, where would you go?”

Have I considered that question or one very similar to it? Sure, many times. It’s interesting how my dreams and fantasies have changed over the years.  Years ago, it was buying a corporate jet and having the opportunities to visit many places around the globe.


If I could live anyplace where would I go? One place that keeps coming up as a very good memory is visiting friends a few times who lived in a 200 year old adobe home in Nephi, Utah.  The last time I visited was October, 1983. The walls were a foot thick, there were old hardwood floors with large area rag rugs over them, vintage sheer curtains in the deep-set windows (like my grandmother used to have on her windows..) and a large, black pot-bellied wood stove that was used for heat.

For some reason, that simple, old fashioned, very solidly-built house felt like home to me. I always felt extremely safe, very comfortable and thought it would be lovely to live in an old home like that.

nephi ut


Another place where I have been countless times over many years is to the Flagstaff, Arizona area.  so many visits that I looked for homes there. Just south of Interstate 40 is an area where many different types of homes were built. Kachina Village I think they called it. There was once one home, an adirondack style one built adjacent to the National Park forestland that I really liked. But when the real estate agent and I went back to her office near NAU campus in Flagstaff, the home had already been sold.  It was very disappointing and I took it as a sign there was another, better-suited home for me.



Because there are many, many places I’ve visited over and over throughout the Four corner states as well as a number of places still on my bucket list, I think living in this area would allow me to take trips to visit old favorites and experience new ones too.  Attending lectures on geology, archaeology and anthropology at several of the colleges and universities in Arizona, New Mexico, Colorado and Utah is something I always wanted to do.

Museums, lectures, archaeological sites, National Parks, National Forests and other similar activities are something I want to be part of my life. There is nothing remotely like that here.

Huge sky that allows a mile-long train to be seen at a distance……now that is my kind of geography rather than the ant-hill closeness of the U.S. Northeast.

When is the right time to give myself permission to just pack up and go? There is no more taking care of elderly parents and no other reason to stay in this awful area that feels so pinched and violent. What in the world am I doing here?

West, ah, west. Been there, done that for many years. After thirteen years of being back east, it is time to move back west.

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