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This was really interesting:


Back in 1991, one of my clients was Johns Hopkins Hospital in
Maryland that had a similar project that used compressed video. There
was a group of patients who all lived a considerable driving distance
from Johns Hopkins and whose medical appointments often overlapped
among various specialists on the diagnostic team. Neurologists,
internists and other specialists were not all available to see each
patient when they came in for an appointment.

Thus the need for creating videos of the patient so each member of the
diagnostic team could see and evaluate the patient as well as compare
changes over time. Johns Hopkins wanted to create a briefcase to give
to a parkinson’s patients’ family. The briefcase had a camera and DDR
so the family members could record their loved one throughout their
daily round. Drinking morning coffee, buttoning a sweater, walking
into another room, etc.

These videos were incorporated into a patient database and made
available to the treatment team’s medical specialists who then
collaborated more efficiently on assessing and helping each patient.

It’s been a long time since I thought about this application of video
compression being used in medical imaging and this article reminded me


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